Placement and use of a subwoofer ?

The main purpose of a subwoofer is to enhance the reproduction of low frequencies in an audio system, offering a richer, deeper and more immersive sound experience. The subwoofer is specially designed to reproduce low frequencies with precision, adding power and clarity to musical elements such as percussion, the bass of electronic music and sound effects in films. It helps to balance the overall sound spectrum and create a more complete audio experience.

Positioning the subwoofer in the listening room :

The subwoofer is a component that can be hidden from view, preferably at the front of the listening room and if possible in a corner, to optimize its performance.

Unlike a loudspeaker, which must be sufficiently distant from the walls and corners of the listening room, we recommend placing the subwoofer in a corner.

If the subwoofer is placed against a single wall or far away from partitions, the frequency response will not be linear and the bass quality will be affected. By placing the subwoofer in a corner, the room's resonances will be excited in a more linear and predictable way. Not only will bass perception be optimal, but this arrangement will also allow you to increase the level by up to four times.

If layout constraints prevent you from placing the subwoofer in a corner, try different positions in the room until you find the best compromise. As the frequency bands concerned are omnidirectional, the bass is in principle unaffected by any object or piece of furniture placed between the subwoofer and the listening point.

Subwoofer Focal


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