What are the components of headphones ?

The components of a pair of headphones work synergistically to deliver a quality sound experience to the user. 

The components of a headset include :

1. The loudspeakers, which produce sound by converting an electrical signal into sound vibrations. 

They are made up of : 

  • Moving coils that create a magnetic field that causes the diaphragms to vibrate. 
  • Diaphragms, which are the membranes inside the loudspeakers that vibrate in response to an electrical signal to create sound waves.
  • Magnets, used to create a continuous magnetic field that interacts with the moving coils, allowing them to move and produce sound.
  • A suspension system that maintains the movement of the diaphragm and ensures it returns to its equilibrium position, thus ensuring accurate sound reproduction.
  • A motor that generates a magnetic field to interact with the electric current. 
  • A bowl that acts as a support structure, helping to maintain stability. 

2. Cables to connect the loudspeakers to the source device. In the case of wireless headphones, the connection can be established via Bluetooth®. 

3. The audio connectors allow the audio signal from the source device to be transmitted to the helmet speakers. 

4. Helmet shells can be open or closed. Closed" helmets may include ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology to reduce ambient noise. 

5. The headband that holds the headphones on the user's head. 

6. The yoke provides the link between the headband and the ear cushions, adjusting the size of the headphones to the user's head size. This ensures that the headphones are comfortable to wear. 

7. The ear cushions surround the speakers and contribute to comfort and sound quality.

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