What are the different types of acoustic panels ?

Acoustic panels are used to control the acoustics of a defined space. Their main functions are to correct acoustic problems and enhance the listening experience.

This question takes us into the realm of acoustical optimization, or what is more generally known as "soundproofing". Acoustic optimization requires consideration of the materials and layout of the listening room's volumes, as well as its furnishings.

Acoustic panels are divided into three types of equipment:

  • Insulation materials to be installed on walls and, in some cases, under the elements making up the sound diffusion system (acoustic wall insulators, acoustic insulators such as spikes, absorbent trays, foams and agglomeration plates of rubberized materials).

  • Wall-mounted panels that can be either absorbent or reverberant.

  • There are also so-called "bass traps", acoustic dampers that are highly effective in the low frequency range. This is the final stage, after the investment in audio equipment, which will enable the most demanding to achieve a high-level acoustic solution in a dedicated room.

Focal studio acoustic panels


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