What is the point of a headphone amplifier ?

A headphone amplifier is designed to increase the power of the audio signal from a source to effectively power headphones.

Using a headphone amplifier can improve your listening experience when it incorporates an internal Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) capable of improving the conversion of a digital source.

Benefits of using a headphone amplifier

Disadvantages of not using a headphone amplifier

Improved audio quality

Audio quality limited by the output power oh the service device

Precise volume control

Less precise volume control

Improved sound dynamics

Rick of distortion at high 
Better frequency balance
Lack of power for high impedance headphones

Compatibility with high impedance headphones
Lack at ability to fully power headphones

Can provide advanced audiophile features

Limite customization and tuning options

Digital-to-analog converter for headphones

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