What recommendations should I take into account to maintain the condition of my loudspeakers ?

To optimise the condition of your loudspeakers, it is crucial to take several recommendations into consideration : 

  • Make sure you have made the appropriate power and impedance settings to avoid excessive distortion or overloading. 

  • If your loudspeakers are positioned on supports, check that they are suitable for the weight of your installation and that they offer sufficient insulation.

  • Respect the sound level tolerated by the loudspeaker to avoid damaging the speakers. 

  • When it comes to positioning your loudspeakers, make sure you install them in an appropriate place, away from humidity and extreme temperatures, to prevent any impact on the materials and performance of the components. 

  • Maintenance is limited to dusting with a soft, dry cloth. To remove stains, simply use a damp cloth. Avoid using solvents, detergents, alcohol, corrosive products, scrapers or scouring utensils to clean the surface of the speakers. 


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