What type of speaker suits your needs ?

Choosing a speaker depends on certain factors, such as the size of the room, the aesthetics of the product, your listening location in the room and your budget. Among the FOCAL HOME division, we offer several types of speakers that will adapt perfectly to your interior :

1- Built-in speakers

They are designed to be installed discreetly, integrating perfectly into your listening space. They can be used for stereo listening or as part of an immersive cinema installation.

FOCAL in-wall center speaker2 - Bookshelf speakers

They can be installed on stands to maintain a good listening height and their compactness means they can be installed in small / medium-sized spaces. 

Bookshelf speakers 

3 - Floorstanding speakers 

These are suitable for installation in a larger listening space. Their loudspeaker configuration provides more definition and greater low-frequency pressure. 

Floorstanding speakers


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