In 2023, K2 Power gets a new lease on life! For this fourth generation, the emblematic line of car audio kits continues to write its legend, to combine even more driving and listening pleasure.

From coaxial kits and component kits to subwoofers, the line's 10 references feature new technologies and a renewed, modernized look, creating powerful, high-performance systems.

k2 power kits

1 coaxial kit: EC 165 KE

5 2-way component kits: ES 100 KE, ES 165 K2E, ES 165 K2S, ES 165 KE, ES 165 KX2E

1 kit with 3 separate channels: ES 165 KX3E

3 subwoofers: SUB 25 KXE, SUB 25 KXS, SUB 30 KXE

discover the k2 power range

Combine the pleasure of listening with the pleasure of driving

Major developments

  • Slim profile for separate kit and subwoofer (ES 165 K2S, SUB 25 KXS)

  • The FRAK tweeter in the K2 Power M range integrates two kits: ES 165 KX2E and ES 165 KX3E.


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