New line of loudspeakers from Focal

A step closer to emotion

Focal presents a line of hi-fi loudspeakers with striking acoustic qualities.

With Vestia, experience new emotions at home, during hi-fi or Home Cinema listening.

The Vestia line - named after the sacred fire and hearth deities Vesta and Hestia - reveals the purity of Focal sound with five new products made in France:

Vestia N°1: the compact bookshelf model;

Vestia N°2: the benchmark 3-way floorstanding model for uncompromising acoustic quality;

Vestia N°3 : the 3-way floorstanding model with three woofers for deep, high-impact bass;

Vestia N°4: the 3-way floorstanding model with precise, neutral and dynamic sound;

Vestia Center: the 2-way central model that reveals all the dialogue in your films.



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