508 Peugeot Sport Engineered

The most powerful production car ever built by Peugeot, the 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED features a Focal audio system for a sensational listening experience.

Focal and Peugeot continue their collaboration of excellence: all 508 PSE models, both fastback and SW versions, are equipped with the Focal Premium Hi-Fi System. Comfortably installed in this sporty hybrid vehicle, the pleasure of the purest, most detailed sound is revealed...


Each collaboration between Focal and Peugeot involves rigorous research into acoustics, digital solutions, design and the adaptation of the audio system to the vehicle's architecture. As a result, the 10 Focal loudspeakers are perfectly integrated into the 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED for a tailor-made sound experience, whether you sit in the front or the rear seat.

Developed by Focal engineers, the sound processing used ensures perfect stability of the listening experience, whatever the conditions of acceleration or stabilized speed of this high-performance model delivering 360 hp and exceptional roadholding.


The PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED label defines a new type of virtuous performance: Neo-Performance. It's a combination of sportiness and technology, reflected in record CO2 emissions per km (the equivalent of 2.03L/100 consumption).

By taking the search for the best weight/performance compromise a step further, Focal has made a direct contribution to building sustainable performance.

Designed and developed in France, it features 10 loudspeakers equipped with exclusive Focal technologies:

  • A soundstage specifically positioned and stable whatever the type of musical content: "FOCAL SOUND SIGNATURE".
  • High-fidelity woofers/midrange thanks to Polyglass technology for balanced, precise sound.
  • TNF aluminum inverted dome tweeters offering optimal sound dispersion and highly detailed treble.
  • 20 cm triple coil Power Flower™ subwoofer technology for defined, dynamic low-frequency reproduction.
  • Intelligent management of hybrid amplification: 12-channel/515-Watt active amplification and Class AB / Class D technology providing richness and finesse of high-frequency signals, as well as real power in the bass.


To get the most out of your hi-fi system and enjoy its full performance, or to adapt it to your personal taste, we recommend that you read the instructions in this manual carefully.

You can always refer to them in the event of a problem.

Discover the Peugeot 508 PSE


The Focal Premium Hi-Fi option is available on the French manufacturer's vehicles:

- 3008® and 5008® SUVs, and, in China, 4008® SUVs

- models 308®, 408®, 508®, 508 SW®, 508 Sport Engineered® and, in China, model 508L®.

- New 508®, 508 SW® and 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered® models


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