French mastering sound engineer, Chab has worked for some of France's greatest artists (Renaud, Julien Clerc, Florent Pagny, Indochine, etc.). He mastered Random Access Memories, the famous Daft Punk album which won him 3 Grammy Awards : best album, best recording and best sound. Demanding, he surrounds himself with Focal products, including the Sopra N°3 floorstanding loudspeaker and Utopia headphones, which meet his expectations and provide him with the best sound environment.

His collaborations :

Credits: Big Flo et Oli - Brigitte - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Christine and the Queens - Daft Punk - Eddy de Pretto - Indochine - Julien Doré - Juliette Armanet - La Femme - Petit cookie - Sébastien Tellier - Selah Sue


In his work, Chab uses the top-of-the-range Sopra N°3 hi-fi loudspeaker, the emblematic model of the Sopra line, as well as Focal's iconic Utopia headphones.

A concentrate of Focal's best technologies and innovations (Beryllium tweeter, TMD suspension, W sandwich diaphragm), Sopra N°3 offers unprecedented dynamics and a generous but controlled bass.

Utopia is the reference in high-fidelity headphones Made in France by Focal. It represents the culmination of 35 years of innovation in the design of top-of-the-range loudspeakers and loudspeakers. Featuring exclusive technologies, including the first full-range speaker driver with an "M" dome in pure Beryllium, it offers a listening experience that's strikingly realistic, neutral, dynamic and transparent, with unrivalled purity.


Renowned French sound engineer Chab talks about his passion and the high standards he sets for his work, which are essential for delivering the most satisfying sound possible. He also talks about his Listen Beyond philosophy, where listening to music goes beyond the material aspect. It's the feeling of being "wrapped up in the music" that's paramount; a vision he associates with the Focal experience. In his quest for excellence, Chab uses Focal products to ensure perfect results. Sopra N°3, with its natural rendering, offers a "mix of pleasure and analytical sound" and unrivalled precision. Utopia's top-of-the-range open-back headphones, neutral and dynamic, are ideal for checking out any flaws in music production.


Chab played along and answered our quick questions!


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