DS E-Tense Performance

the phenomenal concept car


Six years after DS E-Tense, Focal and DS Automobiles are back together with DS E-Tense Performance.

Inspired by Formula E motorsports, this 100% electric concept car features an Utopia hi-fi system. Bold and creative, the two French brands have gone one step further by producing Scala Utopia Evo loudspeakers in the DS E-Tense Performance colors.


Inspired by motorsport, DS E-Tense Performance is based on a dual 600 kW (815 hp) electric motor, four-wheel drive and a carbon fiber body. This electric prototype is the first French car to exceed 800 hp. The frame, motorization and battery all feature innovative solutions. On board, passengers travel to the sound of a Focal Utopia hi-fi system, the quintessence of Focal products. Nine loudspeakers throughout the cabin deliver an immersive musical experience. The on-board soundstage promises sensational listening, on a par with the driving sensations offered by DS E-Tense Performance.


With its hologram grille and flowing lines, the silhouette of DS E-Tense Performance is highly aerodynamic. The trim features an interferential beetle-effect tint. Depending on external conditions and viewing angle, the perception of the color changes, providing a striking contrast with the gloss black surfaces.

As a tribute to these colors, and to further enhance the listening experience, Focal and DS Automobiles have designed a special edition of the Scala Utopia Evo loudspeaker in the same colors. A completely new finish for a high-fidelity loudspeaker, successfully blending boldness, character and sportiness.


As the first premium manufacturer to take part in Formula E, in 2020 DS Automobiles became the multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe. Focal innovates and expands its Motorities Collection of benchmark audio products every year.

With DS E-Tense Performance, the perfect match between Focal and DS Automobiles is revealed once again. The two companies continue to push back the boundaries of automotive performance and in-car sound. Creative finesse, unique French know-how and a spirit of innovation characterize their partnership, which began in 2015.

When automotive performance and exceptional on-board sound become one.

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