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Originally from Nice, Feder, whose real name is Hadrien Federiconi, began his career as a DJ in London and made a name for himself with a remix of Sixto Rodriguez's song 'Can't get away'.

His first major international success came in 2015 with the song 'Goodbye' (number 1 on the digital sales charts for 6 weeks in France and several other countries), and he followed this up with 'Blind' (2015), 'Lordly' (2016) and 'Breathe' (2017), on Atlantic Records.

In 2018, Feder took part in the production of Mylène Farmer's album 'Désobéissance', co-composing and producing 7 tracks, including the single 'Rolling Stone'.

His collaborations :

Credits: Julian Perretta, Emmi, Lyse, Bryce Vine, Dan Caplen, Mylène Farmer.

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During his work sessions, Feder creates his tracks with Shape Twin monitors, the benchmark in the Shape range.

Designed for nearfield listening needs, Shape Twin combines a clever design with settings to suit the acoustic characteristics of small spaces.

This loudspeaker features excellent definition across the entire audio spectrum, combined with extended frequency response in the bass and high SPL capacity for its size.

Shape Twin is also a concentrate of innovations providing remarkable acoustic transparency, with a wide, highly accurate stereo image.

Feder presents his musical journey in his new studio, equipped with a production room and vocal booth.

He talks about his creative process and working with Shape Twin loudspeakers.

For him, they are true allies in the creative process for his musical style, which requires precise beats and treble. They provide him with audio comfort, without sound fatigue at the end of the day.


Feder took the time to answer our quick questions!


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