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The merger of Focal and Naim was built on a shared passion for high-fidelity sound and a clear sense of complementarity. Since 2011, we have been working hand in hand to offer unique audio systems, in our respective territories (France and the UK) and internationally. Today, Focal and Naim have 10,000 international dealers, are opening Focal Powered by Naim stores around the world, and are developing perfectly complementary products to form complete systems.


Experts in acoustics and electronics, Focal and Naim are proud to be among the benchmark players in the audio market. Innovation, know-how and in-house manufacturing define us. Over the years, we have developed top-of-the-range products that complement each other in terms of technology, performance and aesthetics.

The Sopra, Kanta, Chora, Aria Evo X or Vestia hi-fi loudspeakers can be combined with all Uniti music players, while Focal headphones reveal all their richness with the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, and the Mu-so Wood edition wireless loudspeaker matches the Sopra Light Oak for harmonious listening in any room. Today, the Focal and Naim collections range from solutions for the home and integrated systems for residential and commercial use to professional products, and headphones, car kits, outdoor loudspeakers and a yachting offer.


Our offer goes beyond sound performance; it embodies a lifestyle and uncompromising quality to which our customers are attached. Design has always played an important role for us. It is essential not only for the signature of each product, but also for the harmony of the systems and for serving the sound. Blending modernity and timelessness, combining the purity of Naim lines and the sensuality of Focal shapes, our design is bold and inspiring.

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