New 508, 508SW and 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered

Partners in 2018 on the first Peugeot 508s, Focal and Peugeot are reuniting around the new 508, 508 SW and 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered, which feature the latest-generation Focal Premium Hi-Fi System.


Driving pleasure and emotions are more than ever at the heart of the new 508. Driving emotions, musical emotions, connected emotions, technological emotions... everything is designed to create a unique experience. Excellence and efficiency come together in powertrain and sound.

The result of a synthesis of research into loudspeakers, digital solutions, connectivity and design, the perfect adaptation of the Focal Premium Hi-Fi System to the architecture of the new 508 offers sensational precision and spatialization. Thanks to the new infotainment system - the PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced - the system unleashes its full performance. The interior design of the vehicles is also at the service of sound: the cabin, doors, windows and grilles all meet the specific requirements of the Focal label.


The Focal and Peugeot teams worked together to design the custom loudspeaker locations to offer passengers a truly immersive sound experience. Two listening modes are available: " All-Passengers ", a stereo mode optimized for each passenger, and " Front Optimized ", a unique experience that increases the width and depth of the stereo soundstage for the front seats. All Focal's expertise in acoustics is at work for top-quality in-car listening. The sound is enveloping, the soundstage lively, voices clear and detailed, bass deep and impactful.

It features 10 loudspeakers benefiting from Focal know-how and exclusive technologies.

  • Dedicated amplification for each loudspeaker ensures faithful reproduction of the musical message. The loudspeakers are tuned in phase to reach the listener at the same time. Tonal balance is precisely adjusted, and sound power is enhanced.
  • Polyglass technology gives the loudspeakers superior performance thanks to lightweight membranes that deform less: balance and precision of sound are assured.
  • Power Flower technology delivers three times the available power (3x35W).
  • Aluminum inverted dome technology delivers optimal sound dispersion and highly detailed treble.
  • The 12-channel, 690-Watt amplification uses boosted Class D technology, offering high power/consumption efficiency, low distortion and strong energy control.



This exclusive Focal technology is used on the 4 x 165 mm woofers/mid-range loudspeakers installed in the vehicle doors, as well as on the center channel positioned in the middle of the dashboard.

Thanks to the application of fine glass microbeads to a cellulose pulp membrane, the Polyglass membrane combines the excellent damping of paper with the rigidity of glass.

A compromise between mass, rigidity and damping, resulting in a frequency response curve with exemplary linearity for high-definition sound reproduction.


The system embeds a 20 cm Power Flower™ subwoofer positioned in the vehicle's frame structure, behind the trunk side trim.

Directly inherited from the technologies of Utopia's iconic loudspeakers, the Power Flower™ replaces the simple ferrite usually used on loudspeakers and is the source of a powerful magnetic flux.

The result: stable, healthy bass reproduction down to extreme sound pressure levels.


The system is equipped with four aluminum inverted dome tweeters positioned in the rear-view mirror gussets and rear doors.

This technology, patented by Focal for over 35 years, guarantees precise, detailed treble reproduction thanks to its omnidirectional diffusion and light weight.

The Poron surround suspension, derived from the tweeters of the emblematic Utopia line, is very light, for enhanced sensitivity. What's more, its flexibility allows the speaker to be used at lower frequencies. Placed under the aluminum dome, it does not interfere with the signal emitted by the latter, and produces no distortion. The inverted dome shape offers controlled directionality.


The Focal Premium Hi-Fi option is available on the French manufacturer's vehicles:

- 3008® and 5008® SUVs, and, in China, 4008® SUVs

- models 308®, 408®, 508®, 508 SW®, 508 Sport Engineered® and, in China, model 508L®.

- New 508®, 508 SW® and 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered® models


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