Peugeot 308

Building on their respective expertise and numerous collaborations, Focal and Peugeot continue to go the extra mile for driving pleasure and listening enjoyment.

The PEUGEOT 308 features a Focal Premium Hi-Fi System with 10 new-generation loudspeakers, an innovative subwoofer and enhanced amplification.


Focal and Peugeot engineers have upgraded the Premium Hi-Fi System : all the key components of the audio chain have benefited from new studies for efficient installation on board the PEUGEOT 308. Focal also drew on the expertise of its French partner Arkamys in on-board signal processing. This guarantees flawless quality and sound reproduction. The 10 loudspeakers incorporate four exclusive Focal technologies and are complemented by a high excursion subwoofer. The 12-channel amplification - 8 of which have been boosted - delivers 690 watts of power, while new settings, such as Front Optimized, ensure a full live experience.


For high-quality listening, attention is paid not only to pure performance, but also to the precise integration of each link within the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® and to the precise definition of the audio elements of the new infotainment system, PEUGEOT i-Connect®. Specifically positioned, the soundstage is stable, whatever the musical style being played. Vocals are clear and detailed, bass deep and controlled. On the road, the pleasure of listening goes hand in hand with comfort : the design of the seats has been thought out with well-being in mind, and noble materials envelop the passengers: evolving mottled fabric, alcantara, nappa leather...

The 10 loudspeakers incorporate exclusive Focal technologies for pure, detailed sound on board:

  • A center channel equipped with the Polyglass membrane: stable and precise soundstage for all occupants,
  • Four high-fidelity woofers/midrange drivers with TMD surround and Polyglass cone: balance, dynamics and sonic precision,
  • Four TNF aluminum inverted dome tweeters: optimum sound dispersion, detailed treble,
  • 12-channel, 690-watt, full-active amplification with boosted Class D technology: high sound power available at all times, with low power consumption.
  • High-excursion subwoofer, triple coil Power Flower technology: deep, controlled infrasound reproduction.

An assertive automotive model with an assertive sound

Discover the Peugeot 308


The Focal Premium Hi-Fi option is available on the French manufacturer's vehicles:

- 3008® and 5008® SUVs, and, in China, 4008® SUVs

- models 308®, 408®, 508®, 508 SW®, 508 Sport Engineered® and, in China, model 508L®.

- New 508®, 508 SW® and 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered® models


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