Sonorium & Focal

Focal has joined forces with Sonorium and the album listening sessions and meetings with artists by making its high-fidelity loudspeakers available.

These immersive listening sessions, organized in various locations throughout the year and featuring artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, offer a new collective musical experience. Thanks to the hi-fi quality of Focal loudspeakers (Aria, Kanta, Sopra...), they are fully at the service of emotions.


The listening sessions take place in three stages. A specialist (journalist, lecturer, sound engineer, etc.) or the artist himself presents an album, explaining the context in which it was created and produced, and sharing previously unpublished anecdotes to provide the audience with keys to listening. This is followed by a full, high-fidelity listening session. Finally, there's time for questions and answers from the audience.

Feu! Chatterton, Dinos, Nicolas Godin, L'Impératrice, MC Solaar, Florian Pellissier, Piers Faccini, Bob Dylan and many others are just some of the album listeners who have performed at venues as far afield as the Grand Palais in Paris.


Founded by Sophie Chrétien-Kimmel and Mélanie Arrès, Sonorium offers various types of music-listening experiences for the general public and companies alike, with the aim of democratizing access to musical culture, introducing people to the creative process by highlighting the work behind a work, promoting musical heritage and creating a link between music and other art forms.

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