Guitar Heroes

These shred virtuosos conquered the world with their absolute skills and compositions from another world. Guitar heroes at their best.

Rock to the Roots

Electro Vibes

Musical reference of the 21st century, Electro is a musical playground where the only limit is creativity. Vibrate in tune with the beats and subtleties.

Symphonic Magic

This playlist will reveal the full power of symphonic music. These tracks will make you want to see your favourite cult films over and over again! These musical universes will awaken your sensations and your consciousness... Try whistling Bernard Hermann in the corridor. Will anyone recognise it?

Piano Maestros

The piano, the king of instruments. An orchestra in its own right, this instrument belongs to a world of its own. Through improvisations and flamboyant rhythms, the piano can sometimes seem quite frantic. Like a misty landscape, an emotion suspended in time...

Jazz Extravaganza

This playlist is a collection of can sense the influences of the great masters of jazz and their cultural origins with these dissonant sounds running through the mind. Improvisations, experimental works and very personal moments. 

French music scene

The French music scene is so inventive! Upcoming voices worth discovering, dreamlike worlds or the search for sounds, textures. They’re audacious and we love it! This playlist is the result of personal expression, it is unlike any other. 

Joris Delacroix

Home Workout


Big thanks to Vianney for creating this special playlist! Have a great time at home with his various upbeat songs!

Focal / Peugeot New 508

Focal / DS 9 M.Y 23

DS 9 features a new powerful Hi-Fi Focal Electra system designed for immersive driving and listening experiences.


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