FPX 4.800

FPX 4.800
FPX 4.800


Thanks to its high power output, FPX 4.800 can drive front and rear loudspeakers, or a hi-fi installation consisting of a 2-way front kit and a subwoofer. In bridged mode, it delivers 2 x 370 Watts RMS at 4 ohms. It is also stable under 2 ohms (4 x 185 Watts RMS) to adapt to different types of loudspeakers.


For perfect loudspeaker management, each pair of channels has an active crossover adjustable from 50 to 500 Hz: high-pass, low-pass or full-range. Channels 3 and 4 feature bass correction. The 2/4-channel input mode enables this amplifier to work with car radios with only one pair of line outputs.


To obtain an amplifier that is both powerful and musical, heat dissipation control is essential. This is reflected in the choice of thick aluminum frames, whose optimal cooling capacities leave plenty of room for sonic performance.

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