EQI - Easy Quick Install system for in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers

Today, the sound component alone can no longer offer a product that meets all market expectations. That's why Focal has gone one step further and added a new criterion to the value of an integrated product: ease of assembly.

You don't need any tools at all: 300 Series products are much easier to assemble, with installation time reduced to a minimum thanks to the EQI, "Easy Quick Install" system. This ingenious mechanism enables products to be installed by hand, without tools!

Each ICW consists of two parts: a mounting frame and a loudspeaker. The mounting frame is installed on the wall or ceiling using one-handed brackets. Once the frame is securely fastened, the loudspeaker is assembled to the mounting frame with a quarter-turn locking mechanism.

The EQI (Easy Quick Installation) mounting frame adapts to all wall and ceiling thicknesses from 5 to 30 mm.

See an installation demonstration using the EQI system:

This system is compatible with 300 Series In-Wall/In-Ceiling loudspeakers.

Focal products using this technology


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