Classic subwoofer vs extra-flat active subwoofer for my vehicle

The subwoofers produced by FOCAL come in two types of technology:

The extra-flat active subwoofer is a very compact subwoofer, incorporating an amplifier and a small subwoofer. It considerably improves bass reproduction, but cannot compete with a subwoofer using a larger subwoofer. Its main advantages are ease of installation and space-saving integration in the vehicle (under a seat, for example). 


The classic subwoofer is a rectangular or trapezoidal subwoofer using a larger diameter subwoofer (usually 25 or 30 cm). 

Subwoofer 10 Car audio Focal

With a larger diaphragm surface area, this type of subwoofer produces a more powerful and deeper bass at the lower end of the sound spectrum. Depending on your vehicle, you may need to choose a specific amplifier for the bass channel. The disadvantage is that it takes up less space than an extra-flat subwoofer. 

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