How do I install my home cinema speakers ?

Here's some advice on how to install your home cinema speakers and get the best out of their sound performance. 

The centre speaker

With a standard screen, the centre speaker should be placed close to the screen for realistic sound reproduction. Ideally, it should be placed at ear level when you are seated. 

  • When a projection screen is used, the centre speaker should be placed at the foot of the screen for uncompromising results.

  • When a microperforated screen is used, the speaker can be positioned behind the screen.

As with any other loudspeaker, we strongly advise against placing the centre speaker in a piece of furniture or in a resonant cavity.  

Front speakers

Front speakers should be placed on either side of your screen, at ear level when you are seated. To avoid obstructing the audio quality, avoid placing furniture in front of your speakers. 

Surround speakers

Surround speakers should not be set back from the listening area. To achieve a realistic result, they should be positioned above the listener's head. 


The subwoofer should be placed in a corner of the room to increase the perception of bass.

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