How do I set the gain on my amplifier ?

All amplifiers or powered subwoofers have a gain control. 

Contrary to popular belief, the gain control is not a volume control. 

It is used to match the output voltage of a car radio to the input voltage of an amplifier.

For the amplifier to work optimally with your system, it must be adjusted.

Here's how to adjust the gain : 

1.    To begin with, set the gain to zero.

2.    Play a CD or USB stick with quality music (ideally avoid MP3 files).

3.    Set the volume of your amplifier to three quarters.                      

4.    Slowly increase the gain until distortion appears.

5.    Lower the gain slightly until the distortion disappears.

6.    The amplifier will now be tuned to your system.

To listen louder or softer, use the volume control on your car radio.

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