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For total, personalized support, Focal deploys CI EXPERT: a network of specialized official dealers to guide you in choosing the stereo and Home Cinema installation of your dreams, including with the excellent products of the 1000 Series line.


Focal in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers embody innovation at the service of exceptional demonstration listening. Adjustable and directional for seamless sound spatialization, these loudspeakers are a truly discreet alternative to a traditional audio installation in your home, for stereo and Home Cinema use.


CI EXPERT network dealers have been rigorously trained in all Focal range integrated wall and ceiling products. By carrying out complete, tailor-made studies for each project, every customer benefits from optimum, personalized solutions. What's more, THE CEDIA Designer software provides integrators with a cutting-edge tool for designing high-performance Home Cinemas perfectly adapted to your home.


The CI EXPERT network teams will support you throughout your project. From the study phase, through design, to installation and system calibration, you'll benefit from a tailor-made, turnkey service. When you turn to our specialized network, you're guaranteed a high-quality, reliable and totally customized service from the best integrators. Contact your CI Expert today, and together we'll create the audio installation of your dreams, for your entire home.

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