Focal on board the LA good vibe studio bus


Joachim Garraud is an influentialcomposer, DJ and producer in the world of electronic music. One of his latest major projects is to create a recording studio that can be taken anywhere, even to the desert! The dream became reality with L.A. Good Vibe, an 11-meter-long solar-powered bus transformed into a recording studio.

Nature, a source of inspiration

David Guetta, Moby, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Bob Sinclar... The list of artists Joachim Garraud has worked with and for is long. Now based in Los Angeles, he has combined his passion for creation and travel by designing a mobile recording studio. Because getting away from it all and tasting the wonder and "surround time" offered by nature is a source of inspiration. And we respect nature. So Joachim Garraud chose solar panels to power the studio.

Since his first trip in 2019, he has already visited numerous sites in California, Arizona (including the Grand Canyon), Nevada and Utah. Initially created for himself, he quickly opened the doors of L.A. Good Vibe to artist friends (Yard of Blondes, deadmau5, Jean-Michel Jarre, Dirtyphonics).

Anatomy of a studio like no other

L.A. Good Vibe comprises five zones: the cockpit area, equipped with synchronized iPads for controlling sound and navigation; the studio area for mastering, mixing, etc.; the screen area, for displaying the current production session; the vocal booth and the outdoor area. There's also a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities for 6! All these well-equipped areas make this vehicle a comfortable, state-of-the-art place to live and work.

Behind the scenes


Solar-powered albums

L.A. Good Vibe is fully insulated. And thanks to the solar panels on the roof and the powerful batteries that store the energy, the equipment is powered 24 hours a day. You can compose and eat day and night, right up to the edge of the desert, in an environmentally friendly way.

Focal production studio

Solo6 Be monitors: compact 2-way loudspeakers with unrivalled neutrality, transparency and precision of stereo image in their range.

The "Screens" zone is equipped with 300 ICW8 in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers from Focal's 300 Series range. These 8 in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers are accompanied by 3 dedicated subwoofers. The ambient sound is complete and sensational.

A SUB6, equipped with an 11" (27 cm) W composite sandwich cone subwoofer and BASH® technology. This offers the sound quality of class AB amplification with the performance of class D amplifiers.

"The precision, warmth and extreme definition of the sound, whatever the level of use of Focal products, are fantastic."

What's next?

Joachim Garraud and the Focal teams are working on the design of loudspeakers to be placed in trunks, so as to be able to broadcast high-fidelity, powerful sound... outdoors! Also in the pipeline is the development of a sliding rail that would multiply the surface area of solar panels, further increasing energy independence.

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