DS X-E Tense

The sound experience of the future

Projecting itself into 2035, DS Automobiles designed an incredible concept car in 2018: DS X E-TENSE. And it was to its partner Focal that the French brand turned to imagine the on-board audio system of tomorrow in this "dream-car". Promises kept.


An open-back cockpit on one side, a closed-back "cocoon" dedicated to absolute comfort on the other: the futuristic silhouette and asymmetrical design of DS X E-TENSE are extraordinary. Add to this a choice of piloted or autonomous driving, a transparent glass floor, electric motors integrated into the wheels and 1360 hp in circuit mode: DS X E-TENSE breaks with tradition and looks to the future.


On the "cocoon" side, passengers are offered an ode to comfort and elegance. The enveloping, ventilated and massaging seat, the purified air and the noble materials that make up this immersive bubble (wood, metal, leather) call for the exaltation of all the senses. And there's no shortage of luxury items, such as the integrated watch from prestigious watchmaker BRM.


It is in the "cocoon" of DS X E-TENSE that Focal imagines the listening of tomorrow. In collaboration with DS engineers, the brand has come up with a totally disruptive system. A new-generation sound bar is integrated into the dashboard, delivering directional sound connectors that adjust in real time to the slightest movement of the passenger's head.

In this immersive acoustic bubble dedicated to the pleasure of listening, stereophony is perfectly reconstituted as close as possible to the occupant. Sound can be felt everywhere, and the sound of tomorrow can be experienced physically!


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