Fractal Concept Car


Focal is responsible for the sound design of Fractal, a new concept car from French carmaker Peugeot.

Fractal, an urban electric coupé, is a prospective study of the Peugeot i-Cockpit® designed for and by sound. Following an initial partnership with Peugeot on the Le Bistrot du Lion foodtruck, Focal has collaborated on this new project, which places sound at the heart of automotive pleasure. Focal's signature sound provides Fractal with sensations and acoustic performance in a unique 9.1.2 system. At the same time, sound designer Amon Tobin has created a musical content dedicated to Fractal: soundtrack and sound design for the vehicle's functions. Emotions guaranteed!


Peugeot Fractal complements the senses of sight and touch. Driving becomes even more instinctive, for an incomparable experience...

Focal has designed a unique, high-quality 9.1.2 custom-built system, comprising thirteen Focal flax fiber loudspeakers and inverted dome tweeters. In addition, SubPac subwoofers are integrated into the back of each seat. As a result, the 9.1.2 acoustic system makes driving more instinctive by conveying enriched information through the spatialization and dynamization of sound throughout the cabin.


StelLab, the PSA Group's research unit, and Focal have designed the software that enables full immersion via individual control of each loudspeaker. Digital sound processing simulates the human auditory system. Spatialization enables sound to be tuned to the morphology of the vehicle and its evolution. In this way, the sound system adapts autonomously to different vehicle configurations and uses: in coupé or cabriolet mode.

Focal's 9.1.2 installation is designed as a true on-board multi-channel system. The loudspeakers, at the heart of the brand's acoustic expertise, use the latest "Made in France" membrane technology, the Flax sandwich cone, based on flax fibre. This innovation is characterized by a very natural, uncolored sound, rich reproduction in the midrange and clean attacks in the bass.


No fewer than seven Flax sandwich cone loudspeakers and four aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeters ensure spatial reproduction in the cabin, while 2 subwoofers take care of the bass register. This ensemble is driven by 4 highly compact Focal FD amplifiers, with a total of 14 amplification channels for a total of 1,600 Watts available.


PEUGEOT commissioned Brazilian multimedia artist Amon Tobin to design the car's sound. The Fractal's "external sound" signature keeps it in sync with other road users. The latter, like pedestrians and cyclists, are alerted to the car's presence by various sounds specific to the vehicle's state: acceleration, deceleration and cruising speed.

The interior conveys the PEUGEOT identity through an original audio design that gives "voice" to functions such as ignition, indicators, hazard lights, lights and various navigation functions. The way in which the spatialization and quality of this installation enhance the driving experience is evident in Amon Tobin's acoustic configuration.


"Fractalisthe fruit of dialogue with Focal engineers and the Peugeot Design team.

Together, we mixed our inspirations. The style is inspired by the sound, my creation is inspired by the lines and materials of Peugeot Fractal."

Amon Tobin - Music Artist, Sound Designer


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