Utopia by Tournaire


Focal has teamed up with jeweler Tournaire to create an exceptional, one-of-a-kind headphone: Utopia by Tournaire.

Tournaire has been renowned for many years for its symbolic and atypical creations. Focal and Tournaire share many values, including excellence and uniqueness. Both recognized as Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), the two Houses are renowned in France and around the world for their exceptional craftsmanship.


The very high-end Utopia headphones were announced by Focal in June 2016. Its exceptional character (designed and manufactured in France, exclusive Focal technologies, racy design and top-of-the-range materials) very quickly made it a world reference product on the audiophile headphones market.

The design of these exceptional headphones was customized by the jeweler. The result is a unique object: its new aesthetic was designed and created as a family by Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire. It bears the imprint of the Trilogy, a Tournaire symbol representing the evolution of life.


Jeweller Tournaire has dressed Utopia in gold and diamonds with the Trilogy, a theme close to his heart. This universal symbol links the past represented by the square, the present by the triangle, and finally the circle of plenitude, the future... The Trilogy was created in 750 thousandths yellow gold set with a total of 6.5 carats of diamonds, all hand-crafted in the Tournaire workshops.

This jewel of craftsmanship took more than a year to complete, making it the most prestigious - and probably the most expensive - headphones in the world: Utopia by Tournaire. The object was presented in September 2016 at the Tournaire boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris.

Utopia by Tournaire is available to order in a limited edition of eight numbered units. The selling price is 100,000 euros for the headphones alone, 110,000 euros with the bronze stand.

For further information on the Utopia by Tournaire headphones, please contact the Tournaire Boutique.

Tournaire Paris

1, cour Vendôme, 75001 Paris

(+33) (0)1 40 20 00 19


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