1000 IW6

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1000 IW6
1000 IW6
1000 IW6
1000 IW6
1000 IW6

Sensational sound

Featuring the very best Focal technologies, the three loudspeakers deliver sensational high-fidelity sound. Combined with an exclusive design that allows them to be perfectly adjusted to the listening position, films and music take on another dimension.


Thanks to the tweeter's level adjustment (+/-20°) and tilting capability, you can tailor your installation perfectly to your listening room.

High-fidelity slips into your walls


With its ready-to-paint magnetic grille and extremely precise, robust design, this enclosed loudspeaker blends easily and discreetly into walls.

A network of specialized official dealers

Focal deploys CI EXPERT to guide you in choosing the stereo and Home Cinema installation of your dreams, including the excellent products of the 1000 Series line.



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