Stella Utopia Em evo

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Stella Utopia Em Evo
Stella Utopia Em Evo
Stella Utopia Em Evo
Stella Utopia Em Evo


Stella Utopia EM incorporates a 33 cm "W" woofer powered by the Grande Utopia electromagnet motor, which is efficient from low bass to low midrange. The midrange is not to be outdone, thanks to the implementation of Focal's best innovations: TMD surround, NIC magnetic circuit motor, MRR cabinet. The result is a sound of unparalleled quality.

Utopia, an icon far ahead of the rest


Perfection is born of detail. Each audiophile-quality component has been rigorously selected for listening. Thanks to specific filtering, 243 combinations of settings are possible, from the extreme bass to the extreme treble, for ever greater personalization of sound according to the listening room and the listener's desires.

Refined Finishes

Stellia Utopia stands out for its contemporary styling and distinctive silhouette. Each loudspeaker is integrated into separate cabinets that form the spectacular backbone of the loudspeaker. Metallic colors inspired by the automotive world and timeless wood finishes complete the look.


Your Focal & Naim system

To take full advantage of the Stella Utopia EM Evo's performance and enjoy exceptional listening, combine it with the NAP 500 DR amplifier, the NAC 552 preamplifier and the ND555 and 555 PS DR network players from Naim.

NAP 500 DR

Power amplifier


NAC 552

Stereo preamp



Network player


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