Power Flower

A passport to true bass

Power Flower™ technology is another strong identifier of the Focal range, and has been for over 20 years. The story of this magnet technology deserves to be told. At the time, Focal wanted to develop a high-performance, high-output woofer, requiring the use of a very large-diameter ferrite. This Power Flower™ did not exist, and an alternative solution had to be found, capable of transmitting considerable energy to the motor. The Power Flower magnet was born, and with it the use of several ferrite rings, stacked and distributed around the central core. 20 years later we have retained this system born then under duress. This technology has revealed another decisive advantage: not only is the magnetic energy considerable, but above all the spacing between the ferrite blocks allows free circulation of hot air, ensuring unrivalled thermal ventilation of the coil's outer surface.

The inner side is cooled in a more conventional way by lateral grooves cut into the subwoofer's bowl, with the air exiting through the ventilation shaft at the back of the pole piece. Cooled on both sides, the coil's thermal saturation threshold is very low. As it heats up less, it is no longer a limitation on power, as its behavior will be optimal both at power peaks with no dynamic compression effect, and after prolonged listening, where its output will remain constant.

Another advantage of this technology is that the coil is decompressed, as it is totally open-back to the outside world: distortion, linked to mechanical compression phenomena (the coil is no longer slowed down by the small volume of compressed air in the air gap), is significantly reduced at high or very high power levels.

Focal products using this technology


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