Focus Time

The highly structured shape of the Grande Utopia EM immediately suggests a sort of backbone. A gratuitous stylistic effect?

No, because the design approach adopted for Utopia III eliminates all superfluity. Function calls for form, and if the Grande Utopia EM does indeed evoke a spine, it's because it's articulated.

Focus Time, Utopia's DNA from the outset, consists of placing the loudspeakers in an arc to orient them towards a listening point. The Grande Utopia EM takes this approach to its logical conclusion, featuring a mechanical adjustment to optimize the "Sweet Spot" according to distance.


Articulating a 260 kg loudspeaker should have been an inadmissible argument at least, inconceivable no doubt. But too irresistible not to be tempted. The Grande Utopia EM's four top baffles unfold thanks to a worm gear system operated by a hand crank (wrapped in seamless Chapal leather, the height of "Made in France" luxury) housed in the rear body of the tweeter compartment. In the end, it's easy to use, gentle to handle, and the indescribable satisfaction of having attempted and succeeded in the impossible. A little madness goes a long way with Utopias.


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