Sopra Center

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Sopra Center
Sopra Center
Sopra Center

Remarkable soundstage

Sopra Center harmoniously completes a Sopra Home Cinema installation, delivering consistent technology and performance, for perfect dialogue intelligibility. The same sound from one side of the picture to the other is reproduced without any variation in timbre.

Sopra Technologies

Made in France in our workshops, the loudspeakers feature the famous "W" diaphragms, and the tweeter is equipped with a pure Beryllium inverted dome for silky highs. The wooden cabinet is crafted by our cabinetmakers in our French workshops in Bourbon-Lancy, Burgundy.


Sopra Center loudspeaker stands are 61 cm high. They raise and enhance the value of the loudspeakers, which are mounted on a vibration-damping metal plate for optimum stability. With their matte black aluminum finish and deep black glass base, these stands are in perfect aesthetic harmony with the entire Sopra line.

Feet available as an option.


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