K2 "M" profile sandwich membrane

K2 sandwich diaphragm

The K2 sandwich membrane features an ultra-light foam core sandwiched between a layer of aramid fibre and a layer of glass fibre. Iconic for its outstanding performance and instantly recognizable by its yellow color, this cone ensures great purity and precision, all without coloration. It combines the 3 key factors: rigidity / lightness / damping. It offers high-quality acoustic reproduction, whatever the style of music listened to.

Profile "M

The innovative one-piece "M" profile (without core cover) delivers exceptional rigidity. The result? Extremely linear frequency response, low distortion and improved sound dispersion.

The many advantages of the "M" profile:

  • Wide bandwith, resonance control and damping;
  • Reduced harmonic distortion;
  • Better sound dispersion thanks to its geometry and angle of inclination;
  • Reduced depth of moving parts, for a smaller driver footprint;
  • Optimal power handling thanks to the possibility of integrating large coils.

Focal products using this technology


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