Focal & Naim App

Music at your fingertips

Discover the world of Focal & Naim through our dedicated application. Enjoy an immersive musical experience with optimized features, allowing you to explore and enjoy your favorite music with exceptional audio quality. Simplify your daily life and immerse yourself in a world where technology meets musical passion.

High-quality streaming

The Music app is a breakthrough in terms of sound quality and user experience, bringing together high-quality streaming services, radio stations and podcasts on a single platform, with support for high-resolution up to 24 bit/96 kHz depending on your subscription.

Unified application


Imagine the perfect fusion between the exceptional sound quality of Focal loudspeakers and the cutting-edge technology of Naim audio systems, all controlled via a single interface, the Focal & Naim application.

Multi room, party mode

Exclusivity meets innovation with our multi-room technology. Offering an unparalleled listening experience, users can seamlessly distribute their music throughout their living space, or a different universe in each room. Control the ambience of your Focal & Naim ecosystem with fluidity and simplicity.

Configuring your Bathys headphones

With the Focal and Naim application, get the most out of your Bathys Bluetooth hi-fi headphones. Equalizers, noise reduction control (transparent, soft or silent mode), setting the backlit flame on the earcups, sound tests to adapt perfectly to your listening environment... In just a few clicks, customize your headphones according to your desires and enjoy Focal sound at home or on the move.

MIMI Hearing


Mimi Hearing Technology adjusts audio to your hearing ability and listening preferences. Naturally restores detail, richness and contrast. Listen at low volume, without missing a detail.

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