Focal & DS Automobiles

DS 4, the enhanced immersive experience

Focal and DS Automobiles continue their French collaboration of excellence around the DS 4, a hybrid model inspired by the SUV Coupé and the compact sedan.

DS E-Tense Performance: the phenomenal concept car

Six years after DS E-Tense, Focal and DS Automobiles are back together with DS E-Tense Performance. Inspired by Formula E motorsports, this 100% electric concept car features an Utopia hi-fi system.

Partnership with DS

Since March 2016, Focal and DS have teamed up to design exceptional cars. Embodying the spirit of French sound, Focal places its signature on both concept cars and various of the automaker's production vehicles.

DS E-Tense: A unique sound experience

One year after the launch of DS, the brand presented a unique new vehicle at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show: DS E-Tense.

Focal signs hi-fi option for New DS7

Focal collaborates with DS Automobiles by bringing its acoustic signature to the New DS 7 with the FOCAL ELECTRA® Hi-Fi System.

Focal signs the Hi-Fi option for the all-new DS7 Crossback SUV

FOCAL® is proud to bring its acoustic signature to the DS 7 Crossback, the top-of-the-range SUV from French manufacturer DS Automobiles. The FOCAL ELECTRA® System is available as a hi-fi option.

DS X-E Tense: The sound experience of the future

Projecting itself into 2035, DS Automobiles designed an incredible concept car in 2018: DS X E-TENSE.

Focal sound on board the DS 9 fastback

The Focal Electra hi-fi system aboard DS 9 M.Y. 2023 features 14 loudspeakers and 16-way active amplification: the listening experience is immersive, with precise, refined sound.

New DS3: The immersive sound experience

After DS 3 Crossback, Focal is proud to bring its acoustic signature to New DS 3 with the Focal Electra® Hi-Fi System.

DS3 Crossback with Focal sound!

Focal is proud to once again bring its acoustic signature to a DS Automobiles creation: DS 3 CROSSBACK, an SUV equipped with the FOCAL ELECTRA® hi-fi system, for an exhilarating driving experience.


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